Using the Person Profile Page


The SalesLoft Person Profile Page allows you to manage your prospect information all in once place.


The profile page is composed of two panes: the lefthand information pane and the righthand activity feed.

Information Pane


- Click the "star" icon to flag an important contact

- Click the "pencil" icon to edit any of the fields on the information pane

- Click the "bell" icon at the bottom to set a reminder, or the "success" button when you have achieved your desired outcome.

- Hover over the open, view and click icons to see email metrics for your contact

- View and update your contact's cadence stage

- View contact information and click to send a one-off email or make a call

- View your contact's custom fields

- Delete your contact or mark them as Do Not Contact

- Click the "cloud icon" to land directly on the contact's Salesforce lead/contact page.  


Activity Feed


The "Activity Feed" lives on the right hand side of the page, and has six different pages you can use for additional information about your contact.  

Click the "Activity" tab to view all of the email, call and cadence activity for this contact. You can also pause or remove people from a cadence from the activity tab.

Click the "Emails" tab to view all emails sent to this contact and their engagement (open, click, reply metrics). Send a one-off by clicking the blue "plus" icon.

Click the "Calls" tab to view all of the calls made to this contact, and the disposition and sentiment of those calls. Log a new call by clicking the blue "plus" icon.

Click the "Cadences" tab to view all of the cadences this contact is or has been on, including cadences of your teammates. Here you can pause a contact on a cadence by selecting the "pause" icon, remove a contact from a cadence by selecting "trash" icon, or add them to a new cadence by selecting the blue "plus" icon.

Click the "Reminders" tab to view, complete and add reminders.

Click the "Notes" tab to view the notes made on this contact.



Helpful Tips:

  • Only fields populated with data will appear on the lefthand information pane
  • The "Cadences" tab shows you a contact's full cadence history, including cadences of other teammates 


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