Using the Person Profile Page


The SalesLoft Person Profile Page allows you to manage your prospect information all in once place.


The profile page layout is composed of several panels, including information panels, the Activity panel, Cadences panel, and integrations panels.

Information Panel


 The person panel displays important information like name and company, statuses, and linked social and CRM sites.

- Click the star icon to flag this person as important- Statuses like Do Not Contact, Has Replied, and Bounced will appear in the top header.

- Click the '•••' icon to open a menu to take the following actions: Link/Unlink from Company, Link to Salesforce, Mark/Unmark as Do Not Contact, and Delete Person

The Quick Actions panel allows you to make one-off actions with the click of a button. These actions include Call, Email, and Success

The Stats panel displays valuable metrics like calls made and emails sent, opened, clicked, and replied. 

The Contact Info panel shows all populated fields for the person and company, as well as Custom Fields. Information may be updated by clicking the Edit button.

The Tags panel displays current tags associated with the person. You may add news tags or remove existing tags.

Activity Panel


The Activity panel has six different tabs displaying recent activities relevant to your person.

Click the Activity tab to view all of the email, call, cadence, note, and reminder activities for this person. You can also pause or remove people from a cadence from this tab.

Click the Calls tab to view all of the calls made to this  person, and the disposition and sentiment of those calls. Log a new call by clicking the 'Log a Call' button.

Click the Emails tab to view all emails sent to this person and their engagement (open, click, reply metrics). Send a one-off by clicking the 'Compose Email' button.

Click the Cadences tab to view all of the cadences this person is or has been on, including cadences of your teammates. Here you can pause a person on a cadence by selecting the 'Change Due Date' button, remove a person from a cadence by selecting the 'Remove' button, or add them to a new cadence by selecting the 'Add to Cadence' button.

Click the Notes tab to view the notes made on this person. You can add a new note for this person by selecting the 'Add a Note' button.

Click the Reminders tab to view, complete and add reminders. Select the 'Add a Reminder' button to add a new reminder.


Cadence and Integrations Panels


The Cadences panel displays information about cadences a person is on as well as cadence history. You can change the person's stage (Cadence Stage), pause them by selecting Change Due Date button, and remove them from a cadence by selecting the Remove button. You can place a person on a cadence by selecting 'Add to Cadence'.

There are several integration panels that are available to display on the person profile page. To learn more about how to configure these panels, read the Smart Panels article. For more information about integrations, visit the SalesLoft Integrations section.


Helpful Tips:

  • Only fields populated with data will appear in the information panels
  • The Cadences activity tab shows you a contact's full cadence history, including cadences of other teammates 


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