Using the Company Profile Page


The SalesLoft Company Profile Page allows you to manage a company's contact information and view all of the activity made on each contact at that company.

The company profile page is composed of two panes: the lefthand information pane and the righthand activity feed:

Information Pane





- Click the "pencil" icon to edit any of the fields on the information pane and reassign this company to another user

View which user on your team this company is assigned to

- Click the links under social to navigate to the company's website and social media profiles (if these fields are populated)

- View company details such as conversational name and description (if they fields are populated)

- View company's location and time zone

- View all of the contacts attached to this company, detach contacts from this company or attach additional contacts to this company

- Delete the company or mark as "do not contact"


Activity Feed

Click the "Emails" tab to view all emails sent to any contact at this company and the open, click and reply rates.

Click the "Calls" tab to view all of the calls made to any contact at this company, and the disposition and sentiment of those calls. 

Click the "Cadences" tab to view all of the cadences any contact at this company is or has been on, including cadences of your teammates. Here you can pause a contact on a cadence by selecting the "pause" icon, remove a contact from a cadence by selecting "trash" icon, or pause or remove all contacts at this company on any cadence at once.

Click the "Notes" tab any notes made about this company or create a new note.


Helpful Tips:

  • Only fields populated with data will appear on the lefthand information pane
  • The activity feed shows all activity for all contacts attached to the company by any team member 
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    Can I mass change the Company owner or link it to Salesforce Account owner?

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