Using the Success Feature


The "Success" feature allows you to quickly identify a successful outbound activity, such as a demo scheduled on a phone call (the definition of success will vary by team, but the key is to make sure the team understands what that definition is and is marking it consistently). Marking an activity as a "success" adds a record to the activity feed on the contact's profile page.

Logging a Success on the Personal Profile Page

Step 1: Navigate to the personal profile page of the contact.

Step 2: Click the bullseye "Success" icon to log a successful outbound activity.


 Logging a Call with Success

Step 1: Dial your contact as usual while running a call step or making a one-off call from the dial pad or the contact's personal profile page.

Step 2: Select "Log With Success" to save a record of your call and call notes and mark this call as a success, which will appear on the contact's personal profile page.


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