Creating & Saving Email Templates on a Cadence Step


You can easily create an email template as you're building out your email step. If that template is effective, you can then decide to save the template for future use on other templates.

Creating an Email Template on an Email Step

Step 1: Navigate to the cadence you want to add a new email step to, or create a new cadence.

Step 2: Select the blue "Cadence Actions" button, then select "Add Step."

Step 3: Create your email template, selecting a Title, Subject Line and Email Body. Then click add step to save your new email step.

NOTE: Creating an email template while adding an email step does not automatically save that template to your templates tab


Saving an Email Template Created on an Email Step

Step 1: Navigate to the cadence that contains the email step using the template you want to save.

Step 2: Click on the gear icon and select "Save Template." Your template will now be saved to the templates list view.



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