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The Companies list view allows you to view all of your companies at a glance, create new companies and archive companies if need be. 

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View Information About Companies at a Glance

Step 1: Click the Companies icon in the left toolbar.


Here you can view the company name and domain, how many people you have in your SalesLoft database at that company, company stage, tags, statsthe date company was last contacted (and by whom), the owner, and the date the company was added


Create a New Company

Step 1: Click the blue "Add Company" button on the right side of the page. 

Step 3: Set the company's domain (e.g. "") and name (e.g. "SalesLoft). Click the blue "Create" button.

This will take you to that company's profile page, where you can then add more information about the company and link contacts to that company.

Searching for Companies

Step 1: Navigate to the "Companies" tab.

Step 2: Set your filtering and sorting options. 

Step 3: You can also type the name or the URL of the company





Delete and Archive Companies

Step 1: Navigate to the "Companies" tab.

Step 2: Select the company or companies you want to delete or archive.

Step 3: Click the archive or delete button and select "Yes" when prompted to confirm.

Important Notes:

  • Deleting companies cannot be undone
  • Deleting companies removes all people from that company, but does not delete any of the people at that company
  • Archiving companies removes them from your company list view unless you include them when filtering




 Helpful Tips:

  • Companies are created based on their domain name (e.g. ""). You can only have one company per domain name.
  • Companies will automatically be created upon import.
  • Deleting a company removes contacts associated with it, but does not delete those contacts.
  • When a company is imported, it will be automatically assigned to the person who completed the import. This assignment can be changed on the company's page. 


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