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Need a jumpstart on creating your email templates or a refresher on best practices? Look no further! 

Below are best practices and copy to for several email templates so that the team at SalesLoft uses in our Cadences.  The emails are:

The Introduction

The Introduction: The purpose of this template is to help you get your foot in the door.

Subject: Let’s use something like “Quick Intro

NOTE: For Subject Lines, use something creative, something that creates curiosity so they’ll open your email. Here are some examples of interesting Subject Lines:

“Hey {{name}}”

“Saw this and thought about you…”

“Through our mutual connection, {{mutual_connection}}”


The body of the email should succinctly get to Why You, Why Now, and should be generic enough that it will apply to all recipients of this email, and should have a call to action (otherwise - what’s the point?)

NOTE:  When you’re in the “Send Email” step of a Cadence, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize the beginning and PS line of an email to make it personal to the recipient.

Body Example:

"Hi {{first_name}} - This is Anthony with SalesLoft. I went on {{company}}'s website and based on the fact that you have a “Contact Sales” link, I am under the assumption you have a sales team. According to Harvard Business Review, most sales teams aren’t efficiently converting all their leads into qualified appointments, and leaving money on the table. I want to show you how SalesLoft can help you increase your lead-to-appointment efficiency ratio through a systematic process of phone, email, and social media touches.  If you're interested, let’s set up a time for a consultation.  How does {{2_business_days_from_now}} or {{3_business_days_from_now}} look on your calendar?"


The Follow Up

The Follow Up: The purpose of this template is just as it sounds, to follow up on the first template if no action has been taken. The template itself is very simple, but the strategy around it - which is to send a threaded reply to your first email - is incredibly effective.

Subject: Let's make the subject line “RE: Quick Intro”


Since we’re referring back to the initial email that was sent, a simple body related to the first email is all you need.

Body Example:

{{first_name}} - any thoughts on below?


The Interesting Article

The Interesting Article: The purpose of this template is for a quick check-in, and to provide some valuable content that’s reinforces why the prospect should be thinking about your product or service.


    • Do not use “Just checking in” or “Touching base” language. Make sure that your email adds value in some way.
    • Did you know you can use Dynamic Tags in your subject lines to make them even more personalized?


Subject:  “Saw this and thought of you, {{first_name}}”



{{first_name}} - It's been a few days since I last bugged you, but here's a blog post on Sales Development, a concept started by Aaron Ross of the very popular book, Predictable Revenue.


 The Breakup Email

The Breakup Email: The Breakup Email is often the last email you’ll send (in this case, our 4th email template). The purpose of this template is to be our final “Hail Mary” to get them to engage. It’s often outrageous, off-the-wall, and/or humorous (note: Not Offensive!). You may have seen the “Alligator” or “Hippo” (or some variation of these) emails. Reaching these emails is also a good sign for you to let these recipients go and focus your attention elsewhere.


Example Breakup Emails:

Subject: Did I fall thru the cracks {{first_name}}?

{{first_name}} - Looks like we're getting the cold shoulder from you.

Did we fall through the cracks here?

You're either:

  1. Too busy to review
  2. No longer interested
  3. Frozen somewhere in the icy tundra and I need to come thaw you out

Can you help me understand where we're at?


Subject: I guess this means we’re breaking up...

{{first_name}} - I don't know how to put this, but I don't think things are going to work out between us. It's not you, it's me.

I'll leave you with a final parting message: If you’re truly interested in generating 3x more appointments and revenue from the leads you have, then I hope to hear back from you.

Until then, "May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face."






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