Overview of the Analytics Tab


Analytics allow you to measure the effectiveness of your outreach process and drive improvement to strategy. The SalesLoft Analytics tab houses several useful metric reports that will empower you to take your sales development strategy to the next level.

The Analytics Tab includes six reports:

You can filter each report to see data for a specific timeframe, group or member of your team.



Overview Analytics Page

The Overview Analytics Page provides an overall snapshot of your email, phone and other activity for the specified timeframe. At the top, we'll show you if your activity for this time period compares to the same activity for the previous time period.




The Success Analytics Page provides insight on how long it takes you to reach a successful touch in your process, and how many people must be added to your outbound process to achieve one success. 




 The Ranking Analytics Page allows you to see how your team is performing on overall process (measured by number of successful touches), calls (measured by positive conversations) and emails (measured by number of replies). This is a great way to gameify the productivity of your team!




The Process Analytics Page gives you insight on whether you're actively sticking to the process set forth by your cadences. It shows you if you're completing your cadence steps, if you're completing your cadence steps on time and if you're skipping steps. This also includes a leaderboard, for insight on who on your team is best adhering to the process.



 The Emails Analytics Page gives you insight on the effectiveness of your email templates and the time of day you're sending emails. The top view will show you which of your templates are most and least engaging, determined by reply rate of delivered emails.


The middle view is a heat map indicating the best time to send emails based on your reply rates.


The bottom report shows you a leaderboard your most effective templates.



The Phone Analytics Page functions similarly to the Emails Analytics Page. It reveals the effectiveness of your calls based on pick-up rate, disposition and sentiment. 


This page also shows you the best time to call contacts based on the connect rate.

Helpful Tips:

  • The reports page updates once every hour.
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