Exporting Analytics Reports


Exporting your Analytics reports allows you to save this information in your CRM or another external database, as well as process your data in a multitude of ways. Exporting Analytics is a team admin feature.

Exporting Your Analytics Reports

Step 1: Click the "Analytics" tab from the top toolbar.

Step 2: Set the parameters for the reports you want to export, such as the date range and the group or individual team member.

Step 3: Click the "Export" button and confirm you want to export your reports.

Step 4: You'll receive an email when your exported reports are ready to download, this normally takes just a few minutes. Click "Download your export here" in the email you receive.

Here's a quick walkthrough.


Helpful Tips:

  • Your Analytics will arrive as a .zip file containing 6 .CSV files, one for each of the analytics reports.
  • Exporting your Analytics downloads the raw data compiled in each report.
  • Only team admins have the ability to export reports.
  • Learn more about how Analytics works here.
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