Configurable Open and Click Tracking


Users can configure whether a template should track opens (via pixel) or clicks (via link-wrapping) while composing an email template.


How to configure open and click tracking:

Users can turn on click and/or open tracking on any email template by clicking the open and click buttons in the email compose editor to include a tracking code in the email template:


Setting open and click preferences on a template will persist whenever that template is used one off or within a cadence. 


Users can also change these options during one-off sending:


When using Connect for Gmail, users can enable click tracking by opening the tracking menu and clicking the click tracking option. Open tracking cannot be disabled in Connect for Gmail. 


Since the tracking setting cannot be enabled after the email has been sent, tracking should be enabled while composing the email.


Click tracking best practices

Protect your email credibility

SalesLoft values the credibility of your emails and your email reputation. Often, when you're sending emails at high volumes, some emails can be flagged as spam, causing SalesLoft to no longer be able to track it. Spam filters are configured by the recipient's email provider and are often fine tuned to look for various components of an email and evaluate at various sensitivity levels. Fortunately, small tweaks can be made to the content of your emails (and templates) that can reduce the risk of being flagged as spam. One of the most commonly flagged item is click tracking. 

How click-tracking works

To track a click, the recipient is momentarily taken to a special URL that registers their click, and then is immediately redirected to the intended destination. Spammers sometimes use link redirects to trick people into thinking they're going to a specific webpage. For example, the link says, but when you click it you're taken to For this reason, some spam filters penalize emails that are tracking clicks on links.

Improve deliverability of your email by turning off click-tracking

While tracking links is incredibly valuable, in some cases, when an email is detected as spam, it decreases your deliverability rates and your message is less likely to received by the recipient. But don't worry, SalesLoft has you covered. By default, click tracking is disabled when composing emails or templates using SalesLoft. When click tracking is disabled, the click tracking icon in the email compose pane toolbar is gray.

Enable & Disable Link Tracking in your Email Signature

You can enable link tracking in your email. This will allow for you to track links in your email body, but not links in your email signature. You can toggle this setting by clicking Settings > Profile and choose the "Enable click tracking in my Signature" under your email signature.


Setting your team's default click tracking

We know click tracking is powerful and the insights it provides can be invaluable, but also being detected as spam can hurt your rep's success rate, as well as your business's reputation and credibility. Because of this, a SalesLoft admin can configure their team's click tracking default to be enabled or disabled when new emails are being written in SalesLoft. When unchecked, click tracking is automatically disabled by default. Every new email created by team members will automatically have click tracking disabled. If a you wish to have click tracking for a specific email, you can manually enable it from the email compose pane. 


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