Pass Through Dialing


The pass-through dialing feature allows you to utilize SalesLoft's dialer with your landline or cell phone. With pass-through dialing, you can still take advantage of SalesLoft Dialer's LocalDial with the flexibility of dialing from any phone.

Set-Up Pass Through Dialing

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings by clicking your name in the righthand corner.

Step 2: Click "Calls" from the Settings menu.

Step 3: Set your Pass Through Number. This is the number that will be dialed when placing calls from SalesLoft. You can use a landline, like your office phone, or a cell line. Numbers with extensions are currently not supported.




Using the Pass Through Dialing Feature

Once you've enabled pass through dialing, you can begin using it immediately while running call steps or making one-off calls.

Step 1: Place your call through SalesLoft as normal. The pass through number you selected will ring and you'll see an alert at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Answer your pass through phone and press "1." SalesLoft will then complete the call by dialing your prospect. 

Step 3: Complete your call as normal, or drop a voicemail.

Here's a quick walkthrough.




Enabling/Disabling Pass Through Dialing

Once pass through dialing is enabled, it'll always be used by default. You can toggle pass through dialing on and off by clicking the pass through icon on the dial pad.



Plans and Pricing

Pass through dialing is available for all plans! Pass through dialing uses two Twilio calls, so usual SalesLoft dialer credit fees for both calls do apply.

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