Automatically Mark Prospects 'Do Not Contact'


SalesLoft allows you to automatically mark prospects as "Do Not Contact" (DNC) upon import based on criteria in their email address. This is an easy, effortless way to ensure you and your team are not reaching out to prospects or companies that they shouldn't.

Enabling the Automatic Do Not Contact List

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings, then select Email Settings. Note that enabling the automatic Do Not Contact list is an admin-level setting.

Step 2: Type the criteria for email addresses that should be automatically marked as do not contact, using the following examples as a guide:

  • If you want to mark everyone from a particular company as DNC upon import, enter the domain email address as *
  • If you want to mark particular types of email addresses, such as Support email addresses as DNC upon import, enter the email address without the domain, such as support@*

Step 3: Click "Save." Now prospects with email addresses matching your criteria will be automatically marked as Do Not Contact upon import across your team.




Helpful Tips:

  • The Do Not Contact List feature is available on Enterprise plans only.
  • Using the Do Not Contact List will automatically mark new prospects as Do Not Contact across your team, but will not retroactively update existing SalesLoft contacts as DNC even if they meet your new criteria.
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