Setting an Email Delay and Prioritizing One-off Emails


When sending emails, SalesLoft staggers your emails to create a natural human cadence of sending out emails. The current setting sends your emails at 30-60 second intervals. As a team Admin, however, you have complete control over setting your own team's defaults.

Navigate to Team Settings as an Admin and click on the Emails tab. Find the Email Delay option at the top of the page. 

In the input field, choose any value between 5 and 120 seconds and make sure to save any changes at the bottom of the page. 

Prioritizing One-Off Emails

You can also choose to prioritize one-off emails above the queue of outgoing emails. By enabling this, any one-off emails sent from the team will be sent in real time, bypassing the queue of outgoing emails.



*We suggest using this setting selectively, as enabling this for your account could result in your emails being flagged as spam if email servers detect too much activity all at once from a specific email address. 


Happy Lofting!



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