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Automating certain email steps, such as the "Breakup email", in your cadence allows you to be more efficient with your time in SalesLoft. Whether it's adding more personalization to your first email or adding an additional phone touch, automating one or two email steps, gives you time to target your higher tiered prospects. 

Admins must enable this feature within your team settings:

Step 1: Navigate to Team Admin Settings

Step 2: Navigate to Email Settings

Step 3: Enable Automation by checking the box labeled: Allow creation of automatic email steps on cadences


Once the team admin has checked this box, users can enable automatic email steps by doing the following:

Step 1: Navigate to the Cadences tab and click on the cadence you wish to add a scheduled step to

Step 2: Create a new email step by navigating to Add Step under Cadence Actions dropdown or edit an existing step by clicking on Edit Step

Step 3: In the Edit Step window, click on Show Advanced Settings

Step 4: Check the box next to Automatically schedule this step to select the time and in what time zone the emails will be sent

- Prospect Local Time Zone will send emails based on the prospect's time zone, differentiating within your entire step

- Account Time Zone will send emails based on your time zone

Step 5: Be sure to hit Next so it saves

Helpful tip: 

  • Change your mind? In your Emails tab, click on the batch of emails to be sent and choose Cancel All Pending for all. Deleting the step and taking people off of the step will not cancel the pending emails (because they are already queued up), you must cancel all pending in order for the step not to be executed.  To cancel just one, click on the red circle to execute:



To send after a time delay:

There is a also an option to send emails after a time delay by selecting "After Time Delay." You can also specify in minutes, how long to wait before emails are sent from SalesLoft. Once configured, when a person enters the step, they will be sent the automated email with the additional time delay. 





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