Linking People to Salesforce Configuration


By default, when people are imported into SalesLoft via a CSV, added manually, or a person does not have an existing CRM link, SalesLoft immediately starts searching for a matching record in your Salesforce instance. We use the unique email address to first search for contacts, and if not found, we search for a lead. 

We understand not everyone's process is the same. If you are in the new SalesLoft UI, navigate to Salesforce Settings and set your own configuration of whether SalesLoft should link people to contact or lead record. 


For current SalesLoft UI, navigate to Settings under CRM Fields:

To change the configuration, choose one of the five options under Linking People to Salesforce:

  • Contact, fallback to Lead 
  • Lead, fallback to Contact
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Do not link

The fallbacks are in place as a backup. If SalesLoft does not find a matching lead or contact record, you can always specify the fallback. If Contact or Lead options are chosen and a matching record is not found in Salesforce, the person will not have a CRM link. Choose Do not link if you do not want SalesLoft to search for matching records in your Salesforce instance. Remember, you can always go back and either manually specify the CRM link or choose one of the other options to start automated linking. 


Happy Lofting!


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