SalesLoft Connect for Salesforce (BETA)


SalesLoft Connect brings SalesLoft functionality into Salesforce, streamlining your day by uniting the two platforms. 

To start, click on the rocket ship icon at the bottom of the page anywhere in Salesforce: 


SalesLoft Connect will launch as a sidebar to the right of your Salesforce instance: 


The workflow will feel very similar to your daily process in the platform. You can navigate directly to the cadence setup by clicking on its name and execute your steps by clicking on Run Step. 

When running your cadence steps, SalesLoft Connect will open each person's Salesforce record and alert you if a record is not found: 



When a person is not found, click on Open in SalesLoft to view the person's profile and information in SalesLoft: 



Beyond bringing the SalesLoft workflow into Salesforce, SalesLoft Connect allows you to easily connect with leads and contacts by supporting: 

Click to Call


Lofting Emails

To send a one-off email to any lead or contact in Salesforce, click on Loft it next to any email address. 


View Contact or Lead in SalesLoft 


SalesLoft Connect is also part of your SalesLoft Extension options, where you can enable or disable the feature: 


Happy Lofting!


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