Company Stages


Company Stages allow you to track where each of your team's targeted companies are in your sales process. 

Configuration (Professional and Enterprise plans)

To setup Company Stages, navigate to your Team Settings, click on Stages and then on Company Stages.  Here, we have given you common stages to get you started, but this feature is designed to fit your process and business needs. Using Account Status types or another classification system, configure additional company stages on the right-hand side under Add a Company Stage. 

Click on Add Stage to add your new stage to the list of existing stages. Any stage in the Company Stages list is editable and able to be removed. Please keep in mind, your company stage cannot exceed 255 characters. 


Using Company Stages (Professional and Enterprise plans)

Once configured, you can set a company's stage directly from the company's record: 


Configuring Salesforce Mapping (Professional and Enterprise plans)

Just as you can map over a person's stage in SalesLoft to a Salesforce field, set up your Company Stage mapping under the Company Fields configuration. 


Setting up Automation Rules with Company Stages (Enterprise plans only)

Depending on your process, you can use a company's stage change to direct what happens to people at that company. As an example, here is a rule where a company's stage is set to Closed-Won in SalesLoft and a change is made on a person's record, SalesLoft automatically removes anyone at that company from their cadences: 



Happy Lofting!

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