Bulk Company-Account Linking


In some cases, SalesLoft companies are not linked to Salesforce accounts. With the Company Linking page, we make it easy and efficient for admins to select in bulk which companies are linked to which accounts for their team.

If you are a team admin, you can find the bulk company-account linking page by clicking the Company Actions button in the top right, and then by selecting "Link Companies." 

This page shows all unlinked companies in your team's SalesLoft account. We also indicate the SalesLoft company owner, URL and number of people associated with the company in SalesLoft.

For any unlinked company, we automatically suggest the best match returned by a Salesforce search, but you can also search for a different account or opt out entirely by selecting “Do not link" by using the appropriate radio buttons. 

To search for a new company, just click in the "Other" text box and begin typing a keyword. We will return suggested matches from your Salesforce instance. The results list includes an external link to that Salesforce account so you can verify that it's the account that you want.

At the bottom of the page is an "Approve and Finish" button; by clicking this button, you indicate that you accept all radio buttons selected on that page and want move to the next page of unlinked companies.

Note: If you select "Do Not Link," you will move into the next page of results, but if you leave the bulk linking page and return at a later time, those unlinked companies will continue to show up in the results as they are still unlinked. 

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