Using the Company Page


Each company page in SalesLoft is equipped with a dashboard, providing a quick in-depth view into the entire company. 



Configurable panels

To reorder the panels shown in the right column, open the Panel Configuration dropdown menu and click-drag on the icon to the left of the panel label. To toggle a panel on or off, click the toggle switch. To learn more, read the Smart Panels article

Company Information:

  • Detailed company information
  • Link to company's Salesforce Account record 
  • Company stats across the entire team
  • Company stage
  • Company owner
  • Social Links: LinkedIn, Twitter, Owler (only available for Enterprise tier customers), company URL 



Additional Information:

  • Custom fields (if present) are prominently displayed in the Company Details panel


The company dashboard enables your team to view your entire correspondence history with the company. This includes emails sent, calls made, cadences any person on the company is on, and notes made. 



As your team works together to tackle target accounts, complete transparency is given to the team on where each person is in the outreach process. Users are able to see all cadence steps a person is on, as well as execute their own. You can filter by All, Due, Active, or Completed



Keeping a pulse on your target accounts is key. With this in mind, we have exposed Owler News (Enterprise tier customers only) to give the ability to be up-to-date on company news while never leaving the page. 


Twitter Company Feed

The Company Twitter panel allows you to see a company's Twitter feed on the company dashboard, providing you with a wealth of social information at your fingertips as you engage with your companies. 



To view company tweets, simply authorize your Twitter account from your profile in SalesLoft. Once a Twitter account has been authorized, you can reconnect or authorize a different account at any time. 


Happy Lofting!


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