Enriching Company Data with InsideView


Having up-to-date information is crucial to the success of converting a targeted account to a customer account. SalesLoft's integration with InsideView allows you to enrich company data with a single click. 

On the left hand side of a company page, click on the InsideView icon to bring up a comparison between data from InsideView and information you have imported or manually updated for that company. 

The system will automatically compare your data and check any fields that can be enriched by InsideView. To enrich, check the appropriate fields and click on Enrich Company. This new information is immediately written to the company's profile and can be synced directly to your Salesforce instance depending on your company field configurations. 

InsideView also provides Insights into your targeted companies. This information can be accessed by clicking on the InsideView icon on any company page: 



*InsideView integration is only available on the Enterprise tier




 Happy Lofting!

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