Team Templates


As a SalesLoft admin, control and quickly distribute messaging to your entire team via team templates. 

*Only available in the new SalesLoft UI

Create a team template by clicking on Add Template



To create a team template, click on Team option: 

When creating a team template, you have the same functionality and user experience as when creating a personal template: 

Once a team template is created, it will be stored under the Team Templates section. The same sorting ability is available to you within team templates. Click on Filter & Sort to see your sorting options or filter by a specific tag.  


Instead of deleting team templates, archive your team templates to quickly recover your content if needed. You have the option to single select a template or multi-select. 


To recover archived templates, choose the Include Archived checkbox when sorting team templates: 


Please note: 

  • Only SalesLoft admins can create, edit, copy, or archive a team template
  • Any changes made to a team template will be time stamped with the date and by which admin made the changes
  • When a team template is updated, it is updated across the entire platform, with users seeing the changes immediately
  • Team template metrics are aggregated across the entire team


Team templates can be added to any email cadence step, including variants: 



Team templates can be inserted into any email (Gmail and one-off emails in the platform): 


Converting templates to team templates:

You can convert one or many personal templates into team templates by clicking on the Convert icon under My Templates: 

You will then be prompted to keep the template stats or start fresh with new stats for the team:



After converting a personal template, if you choose to delete stats the template will still be visible under My Templates for future use. However, if you choose to keep the stats with the converted template, it will no longer be visible under My Templates.


Happy Lofting!



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