Import button for Custom Salesforce Account Views


The SalesLoft Cadence Chrome extension allows easy importing directly from Salesforce.  However, if you use a custom view the Chrome plugin will not be able place our import buttons.  Have no fear though! You can use this custom button get the same functionality in your Salesforce instance.

Before getting started, please note:

  • You must have Salesforce admin permissions to install this button
  • These buttons are not supported in Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Currently, this only works on the Account List view. This option will not work on individual accounts.

Let's get started!

Step 1 

Open Salesforce and click Setup in the upper-right corner


Step 2 

In the left column under the Build heading - click Customize


Step 3

 From the Customize menu, click Accounts


Step 4

From the Customize -> Accounts menu, click Buttons, Links, and Actions


Step 5

 In the window that appears, click New Button or Link


Step 6 

This is the Custom Button window where you will create the import button.  Type or select these values for the following fields:

  • Label: SalesLoft Account Import
  • Name: SL_Account_Import
  • Display Type: List Button
  • Behavior: Execute JavaScript
  • Content Source: OnClick JavaScript

In the large text-area, paste the following JavaScript code:

var accounts = {!GETRECORDIDS( $ObjectType.Account )};
var myurl = "" + accounts;,'_blank');


Step 7

Click Save 


Add your Custom Button to List View

Now that you have a fancy new button, we just need to add it to the contact list view!


Step 1

In the left column, click Search Layouts


Step 2

In the Account Search Layouts window, locate the Layout called Accounts List View and click Edit

Step 3 

Find the name of your new button in the Available Buttons list and click the Add arrow. The button name should now be in the Selected Buttons list.

Now time to add it to the contacts that are associated with the account! 

Step 1

Go into Accounts page layout. 

Step 2

Select the related list for contacts.


Step 3 

Click edit, and at the bottom of the screen expand the “buttons” section.


Step 4

Select your Custom contact import button button and click okay.



All done!

You can now use the newly installed button on any account list view within your Salesforce instance!


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