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    Ryan Splain

    Hey Stephanie, is it possible to access a list of completed reminders if we check them off prematurely by accident?

    "Completing a reminder is just like checking an item off of your to-do list. Once a reminder has been completed, go to the reminders tab and select the circle to virtually checking off the reminder (so satisfying!)."

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    Stephanie Rodriguez

    Hey Ryan! Great question! Reminders are attached to the individual person record in SalesLoft. You can view a complete list of reminders that have been assigned to a person from the Reminders tab on the Person's Profile Page. 

    If you check off a reminder before it's totally complete, go to the Reminders tab, find the reminder you completed, and uncheck the reminder. This will mark the reminder as "uncomplete" and re-add it to your upcoming reminders list. 

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    Ryan Splain

    Thank you!

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