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    Matthew Prezzano

    Thanks for the article but would be helpful if you could add some detail around:

    1) If we send an email from Gmail (to a person that is a contact in Salesforce)and  click "LoftIt"  from Gmail, in order to log that action to Salesforce does the contact already have to be in SalesLoft?     If so, then is the best practice to import all of our contacts from Salesforce into SalesLoft?   

    2) What is the time-lag between sending an email and when the Salesforce record will be updated?


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    Stephanie Griffith

    Hey Matthew, great questions!

    1) When sending from Gmail, the Loft It feature will only work with People who have been created (or imported) into SalesLoft. With email logging, you are correct, that will only occur if the Person is linked to their Contact in Salesforce. The best way to ensure this is to import your contacts into SalesLoft. You can learn more in the Send Emails from Gmail article. 

    2) The time lag varies, but it should be very quick (around a minute).  If you are concerned that an email was not logged in Salesforce, you can view the Salesforce Activity Log and see if there have been any failures. 

    Hope this helps!


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