What triggers "When a Person is not found in Salesforce"?



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    Kyle Mears

    Just wanted to add a bit more context here! While the activity bit is true, to date, there are 3 scenarios that would trigger this type of automation rule. 

    • Logging an activity for the record (Call, Email, Note, Cadence Step)-- What Darcy called out with much more detail :)
    • When the Person record is first created in SalesLoft
    • When a user clicks 'Link to Salesforce' on the Person in SalesLoft
      NOTE: An error will appear stating 'Can't Link to Salesforce' then the rule will fire as expected. (Picture attached)

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    Darcy Groom

    Hey Jake! Really good question. Any activities (emails, calls, other steps) completed for a person will trigger SalesLoft to check if the person has a matching record in SFDC. Once there is no matching email address found, then this rule will trigger to create either a Lead/Contact. So basically it boils down to an activity being completed. It is not dependent on the Salesforce Connector sync interval.

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