Possibility of syncing contacts from Salesforce campaigns


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    Darcy Groom

    Hey Carrie! This is a great question! There are three methods of getting contacts into SalesLoft based off their SFDC Campaign. 

    1. Import Directly from Campaign - this is the easiest but also the most limiting as there are no filter options (filtering by Contact Owner or Campaign Member Status being the most common filter cases). If you have Salesloft's Chrome extension installed, there should be a button right at the top of the Campaign record to "Import to SalesLoft" and this will import all Contacts on that Campaign.
    2. Import from a List View - this is my favorite method. Using Contact List views, you can actually filter by Campaign and Campaign Member Status, as well as any other relevant filters, to import Contacts into SalesLoft. Once you have a list view created and saved, you can simply click "Import to SalesLoft" button at the top of the list view.
    3. Import from a Report - the primary benefit of this option over a list view is that you can technically import more Contacts via report than a list view. Keep in mind SalesLoft only supports imports from certain report types. So 'Contact & Accounts' is a supported report type, but 'Contacts & Campaigns' would not supported. That means in order to achieve this, you'll need to use a cross-object filter on your Salesforce report. Make sure that Campaign Member Status is available as a field to filter in your Campaign History. There are some Salesforce limitations around pulling Campaign Member Status in via a report, so if you do not see this is an option you'll need to create a custom field for this. Our recommendation would be to simply create a formula text field on the Campaign Member object that pastes the Campaign Member Status into a new field (TEXT(Status)), which should then be accessible in your report. Sounds complicated, but once you have that field created you never need to create it again and it should be smooth sailing from there!


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