How do you remove from personal cadences when owner changes?


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    Darcy Groom

    Hey Patrick! This is a great question that really opens up a discussion about the usage of Personal Cadences. Typically, this is one reason we don't recommend the usage of Personal Cadences for any communication that might need to be scaled across your team. Personal Cadences are designed to be use for specific cases that only need to be used by the person that builds them. I'll lay out what your options are for doing this now vs. what it could be if using Team Cadences:

    To clean up with out one-by-one removal:

    • If you want to remove everyone from the old rep's (Rep A) personal Cadences
    1. Go into Rep A's personal cadences by going to Cadences tab and selecting 'My Cadences'. Use the 'Filter & Sort' dropdown, filter by 'Specific User' and select Rep A.
    2. Select the Cadence in question.
    3. Go to the 'People' tab. This should automatically pull up all people In Progress, but you can verify this using the filter options on the left hand side.
    4. Use the checkbox at the top of the people list to select all people. Then click on the Rocketship icon to see a list of Cadence Actions, and select 'Remove from This Cadence'


    When using Team Cadences, this process is much simpler, because you can simply go into the team cadence, filter by Assignee and/or Owner, then re-assign all remaining steps to the new user. Alternatively, you can leverage the "Automatic Cadence Step Reassignment" feature under Cadence Settings to do this automatically anytime ownership of a Person changes.

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